Welcome to our boutique swim school

Welcome to our 3s Swim school, the place for all ages to begin their strong foundation in learning to swim and water safety and progress on as far as your own capabilities will  allow. 
We teach babies to adults.
Beginners to advanced and beyond.
All of our 3S instructors come with a wealth of diverse knowledge to make your swimming experience the best experience you could ever receive.
We also have good strong leadership in working with special needs and swim therapy sessions.
We pride ourselves in giving each individual customer the best information and opportunities to progress and achieve.
Whether you are wishing to overcome fears, learning to swim, improving your stamina or technique, wishing to compete professionally, or simply just wanting swim fitness. 
We at 3s Swim school can provide you with every requirement and opportunity to succeed.
We are a strong friendly team who are always striving to improve even further in giving our customers a 5* experience.
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