Aqua sensory is a unique programme combining fluid movements, music, singing, discovery play to touch deeper into the sensory channels in conjunction with our learn to swim programme.

This rich mixture of sensory exploration provides the child with many developmental opportunities.

Aqua Sensory has been carefully written to develop many skills that underpin the Early Years Framework to provide a strong foundation for future school learning in general.

When all senses are well developed you have a solid platform for learning in all areas including learning to swim.

This has scientifically tested and proven with aqua sensory.

So in turn your little one should reach his or her full potential in overall learning and developing new skills especially in the pool throughout the years to come.

We are introducing a life saving skill and aqua sensory combined with music offers a multi sensory environment to stimulate your little ones senses, learning and baby swimming bringing a closer bond, relaxation and confidence within the water.